10 great podcasts for truck drivers

Post Date - Mar 25, 2022

At MVL, we’re big fans of podcasts. They’re a great source of entertainment on the road and off, and since there’s such a wide variety of topics, you’re sure to find one that interests you. We’ve pulled together 10 of our favorite podcasts produced specifically for truck drivers. These are perfect for learning tips from other drivers and understanding what’s going on in the trucking industry. Have a listen:

1. Blue Ribbon Podcast - Formerly known as The American Truck Driver Podcast, hosts Larry W. Long and Chris Polk cover all the things drivers need for success in the trucking industry.

2. Ask The Trucker “Live” with Allen Smith - Host Allen Smith focuses on driver health, careers, regulations and the important issues facing the trucking industry.

3. Trucking After Hours - Father and son drivers Buck and Don Ballard are experts when it comes to building a truck driving business. Hear all about their experiences and tips for finding freight, negotiating with brokers and life outside of trucking. Formerly The Trucking Podcast.

4. The Lead Pedal Podcast - Listen to interviews with industry professionals and other truckers and gain helpful insight on how to build a successful career.

5. Trucker Dump Podcast - This podcast raises awareness for issues facing the trucking industry. It combines monologues and interviews to discuss a variety of topics including driver safety, trucking regulations and services for truck drivers.

6. Big Rig Banter - Run by experienced journalists, Big Rig Banter is committed to educating and entertaining truck drivers one conversation at a time.

7. CarriersEdge Podcast - Hear from CarriersEdge co-founders Jane Jazrawy and Mark Murrell as they talk about all things trucking, technology and training.

8. Eyes on the Road - Veteran broadcaster and award-winning trucking journalist Evan Lockridge hosts this podcast and discusses industry hot topics important to drivers and fleet managers.

9. TalkCDL - TalkCDL is a podcast focused on entertaining truck drivers. It covers the latest in trucking laws and news and welcomes input from its listeners.

10. Payload by Truck Driver Power - This podcast is all about the people, organization and issues that influence the trucking industry and impact professional truck drivers.

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